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  • You are in the right place if you want to learn about kidney disease and discover how to preserve your kidney function in order to avoid dialysis forever, or for long as possible.

  • If your path feels like an uphill climb or winding road, I can help you grow with encouragement and prayer. 

  • It’s time to live better  . . . and your best life starts now.

Find out for yourself if you’d like to continue for a one-hour consultation, enroll in 90-day coaching program, or sign up for our life-changing, six-month program. Whatever path you choose, I guarantee that your time will be well-spent if you work with me.

This program empowers individuals to live to the fullest by better understanding kidneys, optimal health, and the power of habit change.  


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In addition to the stages of kidney disease, everyone should know what percentage their kidneys are filtering at.

Do you know what percentage of your kidneys are filtering at?


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Hi there!

I am Julie Spears, a 20-year kidney educator, certified health coach, and wellness enthusiast. A few years ago, I fell to the ground, discovering it can be impossible to navigate life's most significant challenges alone. Through life experience and navigating health, I realized an hour of education is just a drop in the bucket for those approaching dialysis and especially for those looking to slow progression.  

For 20 years, I offered one-hour no-cost kidney education and was at the top for educated patients and improved outcomes.

I offer no-cost kidney education, but the beauty is I have combined that with a 6-week, 90 days, or 6-month coaching program.

I would love to talk to you!  Schedule your

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"My mom loved working with Julie and felt so comfortable talking to her. It was as if Julie knew had known my Mom for years when they had just met. It was defitinaly easier to talk with the doctor after we met with her." JB

I was a practicing Nephrology for 40 years and Director of several dialysis units. One of my biggest challenges is that I can only spend a brief time with patients in the office. The quality of their outcomes is mainly dependent on how they take care of themselves at home. CKD eduction is of at most importance to preserve kidney function and for well -being on dialysis. Julie fills that gap with a broader range of kidney knowledge and teaches them to make good decisions in the days and weeks between visits. I have worked with Julie for over 20 years in the office, dialysis facility, and hospital. Julie was our go-to for education, marketing, and getting the job done. We performed the best when she was working with us. I’m confident Julie will give the best care possible.

Dr. Prakash

Julie has been an awesome coach and inspiration! She was always gently nudging me to my next goal, to take that next' sometimes uncomfortable' step to better myself. I have made so many positive changes thanks to her influence and knowledge. Many thanks to her for always being there for me as a coach! I am forever grateful!! TB

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